Optimizing TOPdesk

At Vos Logistics MLD I worked on a project to optimize the use of the service management tool TOPdesk.

Vos Logistics is a large international logistics company based throughout Europe with approximately 500 office employees. The service desk where I was working offered support to all these employees. All the incidents, changes, orders and knowledge coming in at the service desk needed to be registered in a structured manner. Also the application development team needed a better way to keep track of the changes they made in their software.

First I analysed the current situation and way of working within the IT department. The conclusion was a polluted inventory database and inefficient workflows. Also a new inventory of all the company assets had to  be made.

We decided to start with a new TOPdesk server. Therefore I did research which TOPdesk modules could improve the efficiency of the IT department. Only the Incident Management module was used when the project started. We decided to also implement Change Management, Form Designer, Stock and Order Management and the SelfServiceDesk.

With a new inventory and the new implemented modules, a lot of incident registration time was won. This time could now be used for solving the incidents. Also the improved registration of changes resulted in a better overview of the situation on the service desk and better tracking of changes in software.

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